HPC Programming in the Age of Multicore: One Man’s View

Jan 14, 2013 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”http://media2.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/Gerhard_Wellein_small.jpg” alt=”” width=”95″ height=”85″ />At this June’s International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’13) in Leipzig, Germany, Gerhard Wellein will be delivering a keynote entitled, Fooling the Masses with Performance Results: Old Classics & Some New Ideas. HPCwire caught up with Wellein and asked him to preview some of the themes of his upcoming talk and expound on his philosophy of programming for performance in the multicore era.

Novel Chip Technology to Power GRAPE-8 Supercomputer

May 10, 2012 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”http://media2.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/eASIC_logo_small.jpg” alt=”” width=”108″ height=”34″ />With the fastest supercomputers on the planet sporting multi-megawatt appetites, green HPC has become all the rage. The IBM Blue Gene/Q machine is currently number one in energy-efficient flops, but a new FPGA-like technology brought to market by semiconductor startup eASIC is providing an even greener computing solution. And one HPC project in Japan, known as GRAPE, is using the chips to power its newest supercomputer.

Godson CPUs Groomed for Supercomputing Duty

Aug 26, 2010 |

Chinese-made chip adds vector SIMD unit; delivers 128 gigaflops in 40 watts.

Blowing The Doors Off HPC Speed-up Numbers

Jun 30, 2010 |

The CPU-GPU performance wars bring out the pitfalls of benchmarking.

Accelerated Methods for Bioinformatics Analysis

Jan 20, 2010 |

A bioinformatics scientist looks beyond the Linux cluster.

Is Larrabee For the Rest of Us?

Nov 12, 2009 |

One man’s attempt to to do regular-expression matching with the Larrabee instruction set.

Rumors of NVIDIA’s Next GPU

Jun 11, 2009 |

NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU design, the G300, may turn out to be the biggest architectural leap the graphics chip maker has ever attempted.