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Fujitsu Targets 100 Petaflops Supercomputing

Aug 12, 2014 |

On Monday at the Hot Chips 26 conference, Fujitsu revealed details about its upcoming SPARC64 XIfx chips, which the company is counting on to reach the 100-petaflops barrier and revitalize its HPC game. Of the top 10 fastest supercomputers on the current TOP500 list, only one is a Fujitsu system. But with the new 32-core Read more…

Sun, Oracle Chiefs Vow: Sun Technologies Will Live On

Jan 22, 2010 |

McNealy and Ellison vow to carry Sun technologies forward.

Sun’s Sparc Server Roadmap Revealed

Sep 14, 2009 |

Sixteen-core Rock chip dropped from plans.

Fujitsu Aims for 10-Petaflop Supercomputer

Aug 26, 2009 |

Fujitsu details eight-core Sparc processor destined for next-generation supers.

Fujitsu Gets Nod for 10 Petaflop Super

Jul 21, 2009 |

Next-generation Japanese supercomputer will rely on Fujitsu SPARC chips.

Fujitsu Takes Trip to Venus

May 14, 2009 |

Fujitsu has developed a prototype of its eight-core Sparc64 chip, which will be aimed at petaflop-level supercomputing.

Ellison Insists Sun’s Sparc Still Has a Future

May 13, 2009 |

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says his company will invest in Sparc processor technology after its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.