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New Storage Options Coming to Globus Users

Oct 27, 2015 |

At the SpectraSummit event in Boulder, Colorado, earlier this month, HPCwire learned of a developing partnership between storage vendor Spectra Logic and research software-as-a-service provider Globus to integrate Spectra’s BlackPearl Gateway storage into the Globus Cloud, creating an endpoint for BlackPearl that opens up new storage tiers to the Globus community. Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway, introduced Read more…

Blu-ray for Cold Storage – What About Tape?

Feb 13, 2014 |

Last week, Spectra Logic’s Bruce Kornfeld, the company’s Interim CMO, raised an important question: “Can Consumer Technologies Meet the Demands of Commercial Data Storage Applications?” Kornfield’s post was motivated by Facebook’s recent unveiling of a prototype Blu-ray optical disc library, capable of storing approximately 10,000 discs and 1 petabyte of data in a single cabinet. Read more…

Spectra Tape Plays to Cloud, Big Data, HPC Communities

Nov 4, 2011 |

Tape storage is not dead. Far from it, in fact. Tape is steadily evolving to suit the storage realities of the 21st century, including a skyrocketing data growth rate. The that end, Boulder, Colo.-based Spectra Logic recently made a series of announcements highlighting the company’s growth and its push into the areas of big data, cloud computing, and HPC.

Spectra Takes Next Step in Tape Archive Reliability

Mar 22, 2011 |

Storage vendor Spectra Logic has added a series of data verification features to its tape library solution. The idea is to simplify archive administration and bring a new level of reliability into petascale tape storage. The capability will be built into the company’s next iteration of its BlueScale management software that will be released at the end of March.

Active Archives: A Way to Tame the Data Monster

Apr 28, 2010 |

It seems like every information technology has its own industry trade group these days. The latest one to join the herd is the Active Archive Alliance, a group dedicated to pushing active archive solutions into the mainstream. The Alliance was announced this week with its founding members Compellent Technologies, FileTek, QStar Technologies, and Spectra Logic.

The Week in Review

Apr 15, 2010 |

A Web-based tool, called Supramap, tracks infectious diseases such as the H1N1 virus across time and space; a plethora of genetic applications are announced; and the second annual DICE awards honor Tesla GPU and Spectra Logic tape library. We recap those stories and more in our weekly wrapup.

Spectra Logic Goes After HPC Elite with New Tape Library

Nov 10, 2009 |

Spectra Logic has unveiled its new top-of-the-line T-Finity tape library. The product is aimed at high-end HPC installations and other application areas that require the ultimate in storage capacity and sophistication.

Spectra Logic Finds Success in HPC Market Focus

Aug 25, 2009 |

While not yet a household name in the HPC sense, storage vendor Spectra Logic is methodically pursuing its HPC strategy, and its relatively newfound devotion to this market is starting to yield some results.