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The Open Cloud: Management Standards Achieve Interoperability

Feb 1, 2013 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”94″ height=”69″ />IT managers around the globe are adopting cloud computing technologies to deliver higher quality services while lowering costs and improving efficiencies. While there have been significant gains, developing cloud standards that promote interoperability is a crucial next step. This article details the benefits of such standards and looks at how they are being enabled.

New Standard Looks to Simplify Infrastructure Management

Sep 6, 2012 |

The Distributed Management Task Force has released a spec to standardize infrastructure management.

Lockheed Martin Helps Define Cloud Usage Models

Jun 12, 2012 |

In an interview at ODCA’s Forecast 2012 in New York City, Curt Aubley, the VP & CTO of Cyber Security & NexGen Innovation at Lockheed Martin, as well as the Open Data Center Alliance president, explained that moving the market forward with open solutions enables Lockheed to have more options, avoid lock-in and get the benefits of new technologies so that they can move faster in a more affordable fashion.

NYC Gets Its Cloud On

Jun 12, 2012 |

One of the largest cloud events in the world, Cloud Expo is taking place this week in New York City. The four-day affair marks the 10th iteration of the bi-coastal conference, which just expanded its agenda to include the wildly-popular big data topic. With this dual- and often overlapping focus, there really is something for everyone. Partner events include the ODCA Forecast 2012, Deploycon 2012, and the RightScale conference, among others.

Open Data Center Alliance Promotes Cloud Standards, Publishes Five New Usage Models

Apr 10, 2012 |

Responding to key user challenges faced by member organizations, the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has released five new usage models focused on cloud security and infrastructure.

Cloudscape IV Spurs Discussion

Feb 28, 2012 |

Defining HPC in the cloud — Juelich Supercomputing Center’s Morris Riedel highlights key topics raised by Cloudscape IV event.

IEEE Declares War on Cloud Computing Challenges

Apr 4, 2011 |

Today the IEEE announced a broad cloud computing initiative that seeks to untangle some of the most complicated knots binding cloud advancement–interoperability and general clarity of the ecosystem. The group sees a long road ahead but trusts its methods from past international standards will apply during this process as well.

U.S. Government Sets Baseline for Cloud Providers

Nov 8, 2010 |

This week the federal government in the U.S. released a comprehensive set of guidelines for agencies considering moving some of their operations to the cloud that provides a baseline for evaluating and approving cloud providers.

Cloud Vendors Subject to New Code of Practice?

Aug 2, 2010 |

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is another organization aimed at bringing greater standarization to cloud vendor practices via its forthcoming code of practice. While similar groups compete for an audience, what will such a code really contribute and who will benefit?

Into The Crystal Ball: The Future Potential of Cloud Computing In Life Sciences

Jul 14, 2010 |

As the cloud offerings ecosystem of products, services, standards, and methodologies matures life science CIO’s will have a broader array of tools at their disposal to deliver information technology services.