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Merged Dell-EMC Targets Hybrid Cloud

Sep 7, 2016 |

If bigger is better, the new IT behemoth Dell Technologies Inc. that combines the holdings of Dell and storage leader EMC Corp. fits the bill with the completion a $60 billion merger of cloud, storage, virtualization and hardware components that will seek to be all things to all enterprise IT customers.

Micron, Intel Prepare to Launch 3D XPoint Memory

Aug 16, 2016 |

Micron Technology used last week’s Flash Memory Summit to roll out its new line of 3D XPoint memory technology jointly developed with Intel while demonstrating the technology in solid-state drives. Micron claimed its Quantx line delivers PCI Express (PCIe) SSD performance with read latencies at less than 10 microseconds and writes at less than 20 microseconds.

IBM Puts 3D XPoint on Notice with 3 Bits/Cell PCM Breakthrough

May 18, 2016 |

IBM scientists have broken new ground in the development of a phase change memory technology (PCM) that puts a target on competing 3D XPoint technology from Intel and Micron. IBM successfully stored 3 bits per cell in a 64k-cell array that had been pre-cycled 1 million times and exposed to temperatures up to 75∘C. A paper describing the advance was presented this week at the IEEE International Memory Workshop in Paris. Phase-change memory is an up-and-coming non-volatile memory technology…

LUG 2016 Wrap-up: Intel’s Lustre Line Gains Traction

Apr 8, 2016 |

Intel’s effort to expand Lustre’s beyond science and the Top500 HPC communities where it has long been strong and into enterprise and cloud environments was apparent in announcements made at the Lustre User Conference (LUG 2016) held in Portland in this week. Among the more significant was news that the Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre Read more…

Seagate Sets Sights on Broader HPC Market

Mar 15, 2016 |

In a relatively short time, storage giant Seagate Technology has amped up its push into HPC. Today, four of the top ten supercomputer sites in the world run on Seagate, including all of the newcomers to the top ten, says Seagate[i]. It leads the SAGE project, a Horizon 2020 storage technology program in support of Read more…

The Makings of a True “Market Leader”

Feb 15, 2016 |

Seagate has solidified its position as the #1 choice of high performance storage solutions for new supercomputers. Quite an accomplishment in only four years. With the release of the latest Top500® list of the world’s fastest supercomputers there were four new entrants into the Top 10 and of those four, Seagate Storage powers them all. Read more…

DDN’s Alex Bouzari on Beating Moore’s Law

Jan 13, 2016 |

As 2015 was in its home stretch, DataDirect Networks (DDN) refreshed its high performance SFA block storage line with the launch of SFA14K and SFA14KE, formerly codenamed “Wolfcreek.” DDN also took the wraps off its Infinite Memory Engine (IME14K), which leverages solid state and nonvolatile memory technologies to create a data caching tier between processor and Read more…

Aeon Computing Stands Up 28 Petabyte Lustre Install for Los Alamos

Nov 26, 2015 |

Among the raft of announcements launched in tandem with SC last week, there was one that stood out for being one of the largest deployed Lustre installations at 28 petabytes total. San Diego-based Aeon Computing won the contract to provide two site-wide Lustre file systems to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in support of the lab’s Read more…

Survey: HPC Storage Sector is Booming

Nov 17, 2015 |

Nearly one-third of storage systems spanning storage area networks to cloud platforms reached 1 petabyte or greater capacity in 2015, according to a user census that also projects more than half of installed storage systems will top the 1-PB level by 2020. The storage user survey released in tandem with SC15 by market watcher Intersect360 Read more…

HPC at the Crossroads with DDN’s Alex Bouzari

Nov 13, 2015 |

A company standing in the crossroads, one that is usually ready for whatever is onrushing, is DataDirect Networks, the scalable storage specialist founded in 1998. Back then, HPC was mostly contained within the world of the government labs and academia, where DDN is entrenched at two-thirds of the world’s biggest supercomputer sites. Now the company Read more…