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Panasas Unveils New Storage Appliance with SSD Acceleration

Sep 17, 2012 |

<img style=”float: left;” src=”” alt=”” width=”120″ height=”79″ />Panasas has launched ActiveStor 14, the company’s fifth-generation storage applicance aimed at high performance computing. The new offering adds solid state drives (SSDs) to what has been almost exclusively a hard disk-based (HDD) NAS storage line-up. The inclusion of SSDs into the company’s flagship offering is further proof that flash memory has become a mainstream storage technology for accelerating HPC workloads.

DataDirect Pushes Storage Appliance to Next Level

Nov 9, 2011 |

On Wednesday, DataDirect Networks unveiled its new Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) system, the SFA12K, its third generation SFA platform. Like previous SFA offerings, this one, of course, is aimed at super-sized HPC machines, but it is also targeted at big data applications that are spreading across the Internet and infiltrating enterprise datacenters.

Xyratex Unveils Lustre Storage Appliance for HPC

Jun 14, 2011 |

Storage maker Xyratex has announced the ClusterStor 3000, a rack-scale Lustre storage solution purpose-built for high performance computing. The product is the culmination of an effort that began with the aquisition of Lustre startup ClusterStor in 2010. We asked Xyratex Director of Strategic Business Development Ken Claffey to fill us in on his company’s newest storage solution.