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Tianhe-1A Shuts Down After Deadly Double Blast

Aug 13, 2015 |

Citing safety and security concerns following an industrial accident that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds more in northeast China on Wednesday night, officials have shut down Tianhe-1A, the supercomputer that heralded China’s rise into the elite fold of supercomputing in 2010. The machine is housed inside the National Supercomputing Center of Tianjin, on the Read more…

Supercomputing Makes for Smarter Chinese Cities

Aug 19, 2014 |

Home to some of the world’s fastest supercomputers, China is looking to apply that computing power to solve issues that are important to its populace. On Monday, a Chinese researcher revealed a plan to use China’s Tianhe-1A system toward the construction of new “smart cities.” Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of urban planning, Read more…

Up and Running With SLURM

Sep 4, 2013 |

Members of the BYU Supercomputing team recently posted a tutorial for getting started with SLURM, the scalable resource manager that has been designed for Linux clusters…

IEEE Conference Keynoters Lay Out Path to Exascale Computing

Oct 5, 2011 |

The challenges of exascale computing were the main focus of the three keynote addresses at the IEEE Cluster 2011 conference hosted in Austin, Texas last month. The speakers, renowned leaders in cluster computing, described the obstacles and opportunities involved in building systems one thousand times more powerful than today’s petascale supercomputers.

China Making Strides Toward Exascale

Aug 23, 2011 |

A major Chinese newspaper reported today that plans are place to begin pursuing exascale ambitions with a practical application focus.

NPR Highlights Supercomputing Race

Aug 3, 2011 |

This week National Public Radio is airing a short series on high performance computing, with today’s installment focusing on the top-ranked Chinese system.

Chinese Super Breaks World Record in Application Performance

Jun 9, 2011 |

Science code hits 1.87 petaflops on top-ranked Tianhe-1A.

China Breaks Ground on New Supercomputer Center

Nov 30, 2010 |

China reveals ultra-modern design of Tianhe-1A supercomputer’s new digs.

US in Line to Win Back Supercomputing Title in 2012

Nov 11, 2010 |

The US-China supercomputing race exemplifies the classic turtle versus hare fable.

New Chinese GPGPU Super Outruns Jaguar

Oct 28, 2010 |

Tianhe-1A sets Linpack mark of 2.5 petaflops.