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Tuesday’s SC15 Twitter Roundup

Nov 17, 2015 |

The highly anticipated SC15 Twitter Roundup is finally here! In celebration of the event, we’ve decided to bring you a list of some of the top SC15 tweets that were tweeted throughout the day. For those unable to attend, we hope this gives you some insight into the happenings of SC15. Check back in tomorrow Read more…

SGI Supercomputer Takes Twitter’s Pulse

Nov 22, 2012 |

UV 2 system can create heat maps of tweets during hurricanes and elections.

Internet Freedom Fighters: Amazon, Facebook, Rackspace and 54 More to Lobby Gov’t

Sep 25, 2012 |

This week, not one but two groups of IT heavyweights launched with plans to expand the scope of the Internet while protecting the free flow of ideas it provides. The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) counts already 42 founding members, including infrastructure providers Rackspace, Softlayer, ProfitBricks and Tucows, while the Internet Association’s 14-strong roster claims Web giants Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay and Amazon.

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Says Cloud Will Cause ‘Horrible Problems’

Aug 10, 2012 |

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expresses concern over the loss of control associated with cloud services.

WaaS Up? IBM Unveils Watson-as-a-Service

Mar 27, 2012 |

Since its infamous Jeopardy win over a year ago, IBM’s AI-darling Watson has been busy establishing real-world relationships in the financial and health care sectors. This month, IBM representatives revealed Watson’s next steps in a live Twitter chat.

Big Data for Big Brother

Oct 13, 2011 |

An obscure intelligence agency is seeing big value in big data.

A Global Mood Ring for Financial Markets

May 11, 2011 |

Research out of Indiana University is seeking to make sense of global social network data in near real-time to arrive at a sense of universal mood. Johan Bollen and his team have a way to mine the tweets of the world to mesh data into an overall sense of emotion–a concept that is finding an eager audience among financial services players.

Web-based Tool Battles Dishonest Campaigning

Sep 28, 2010 | exposes dirty politics on the Web.