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Grid Engine Gets a PaaS

May 24, 2011 |

Grid Engine’s new caretaker, Univa, announced a partnership with Eucalyptus Systems to bring managablility to HPC cloud users. This week we spoke with CEO of Univa, Gary Tyreman about what this means for Grid Engine users as they seek to allow the cloud to tackle some of their challenges.

Univa Revving the Grid Engine Revival

Jan 18, 2011 |

As a former product manager for Grid Engine, the news that Univa is rescuing the popular distributed resource management software is welcome, especially considering the leadership and development team behind the revival.

Roadmap Chat with Univa’s New CEO, Gary Tyreman

Jul 8, 2010 |

Univa UD recently named former company product manager, Gary Tyreman its new CEO in order to transition the company from its grid roots into the familiar age of the cloud. Tyreman discusses the company’s progress, both in the present and down the line with emphasis on Univa’s HPC focus.