Roadmap Chat with Univa’s New CEO, Gary Tyreman

July 8, 2010

Univa UD recently named former company product manager, Gary Tyreman its new CEO in order to transition the company from its grid roots into the familiar age of the cloud. Tyreman discusses the company's progress, both in the present and down the line with emphasis on Univa's HPC focus. Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enablement — the Next Wave for Enterprise?

April 23, 2010

The ability to have, on-demand, a selection of cloud providers with easy transfer -- all based on which can best utilize resources to the maximum -- might be the next big thing for enterprise. Read more…

By Nicole Hemsoth

“Private Clouds Cut Costs of Internal IT”

September 1, 2009

An interview with Univa UD CEO Jason Liu. Read more…

By Jeremy Geelan

The Grid-Cloud Connection (Pt. I): Compare and Contrast

October 8, 2008

Burned to some degree by the confusion surrounding grid computing, many vendors have drastically cut the term from their marketing strategies. As a result, these vendors are not so quick to latch onto cloud computing. However, many of their new directions could easily fall under the cloud umbrella, and those in the know readily acknowledge that grid technologies underlie the cloud. So, what's a middleware vendor to do? How can a user tell the difference? Read more…

By Derrick Harris

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Strategies for the Spectrum of Cloud Adoptions

Whether an organization chooses a cloud for general business needs or a highly tailored workload, the spectrum of offerings and configurations can be overwhelming. To help you navigate the various cloud options available today, we're breaking down your options, exploring pros and cons, and sharing ways to keep your options open and your business agile as you execute your cloud strategy.

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Adaptive Flexibility is the Future of Supercomputing – The Arm advantage for HPC workloads

Researchers in academic labs and commercial R&D groups continue to need more compute capacity, which means leveraging the latest innovations in HPC technologies as well as an assortment of resources to meet the unique needs of different workloads. Increasingly, systems based on Arm processors are stepping into that role, offering low power consumption and strategic advantages for HPC workloads.

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HPC Goes Mainstream

Whether it's for fraud detection, personalized medicine, manufacturing, smart cities, autonomous vehicles and many other areas, advanced-scale computing has exploded beyond the realm of academia and government and into the private sector. And with data-intensive workloads on the rise, commercial users are turning to HPC-based infrastructure to run the AI, ML and cognitive computing applications that their organizations depend on.

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