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2010 Cloud Education and Outreach Innovators: Microsoft

Nov 10, 2010 |

While Microsoft has a solid platform and several tools in place for scientific users, one arena where the company certainly stands out is in their mission to engage and education the vast “missing middle” of potential cloud users. Others, like IBM are in close running for such an award, but the Redmond giant has been prolific and notable in its engagement efforts.

Universities Looking to Dell for Cloud-Ready HPC

Sep 27, 2010 |

Dell recently announced that a handful of American universities would be implementing their cloud-ready PowerEdge C6100 high-density rack servers for research in the life and earth sciences and beyond.

Cloud Helps Universities Cut Costs By 74%

Jul 19, 2010 |

Universities are seeking to save money on in-house infrastructure, especially for use with software that can now be accessed using the cloud SaaS model. This, coupled with the lessened overhead of maintenance of systems has led to dramatic IT cost cuts.