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With Power Comes Complexity

Sep 14, 2009 |

When rPath CTO Erik Troan speaks during the opening session at this year’s High Performance Computing on Wall Street conference, he’ll be emphasizing something that old school HPC’ers are very familiar with: complexity. Even moderately-sized HPC clusters are a study in complexity.

BofA’s Birnbaum Urges Wall Street to “Think Parallel”

Jul 23, 2009 |

Bank of America’s Jeffrey Birnbaum has been teaching high school kids parallel programming and thinks Wall Street should be thinking parallel too.

The Battlebots of Wall Street

Jul 13, 2009 |

Who benefits when the computer takes over the stock market?

Hard Times May Boost Linux in Financial Services

Apr 6, 2009 |

On Monday, at the High Performance Linux on Wall Street conference in New York, Inna Kuznetsova, director of IBM’s Linux Strategy, led a panel that discussed how Linux can be used to reduce costs and improve performance in these economically challenging times. We recently got the opportunity to ask Kuznetsova about the increasing profile of Linux for IBM customers and how the technology is enabling them to realize cost savings.

Wall Street Accelerates Options Analysis With GPU Technology

Mar 12, 2009 |

NVIDIA’s graphics processing units help Wall Street speed up financial calculations and lower power consumption.

Cloud Computing and the Financial Crisis

Sep 29, 2008 |

A somewhat neglected aspect of the current financial crisis is the huge spike in trading volumes in recent days. In some cases, they have raised to more than double the average of the months (and years) that preceded the crisis. Systems, of course, don’t care if stocks are going up or down; they just need to handle the transactions. Cloud computing can help ensure they meet this task.

Wall Street IT Gets the Message: More Speed, Fewer Dollars

Sep 25, 2008 |

Do more with less and do it faster. That’s a pretty familiar order to anybody running an IT operation these days. At the High Performance on Wall Street conference, hundreds of financial services IT practitioners came looking to find ways to meet the demands of business that moves at the speed of microseconds.

Bad News on Wall Street Doesn’t Diminish the Need for Speed

Sep 22, 2008 |

On the scene at Monday’s High Performance on Wall Street conference, Dennis Barker reports that last week’s turmoil was on everyone’s mind, but the mood could have been a lot worse. Instead, the topic du jour was speed: faster transactions, faster data feeds, faster analysis, faster reporting and faster applications.