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Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Architect Advises

Mar 23, 2010 |

Suggests switch to hypervisor model.

Arrival of the Desktop Supercomputer

Mar 17, 2010 |

A new generation of workstations is changing the nature of technical computing.

High-performance Computing Revs up Simulations like FEA, CFD

Dec 10, 2009 |

Automotive and aerospace simulations get a boost from Windows HPC clusters.

Windows + Amazon + Azure = A Fascinating 2009

Oct 28, 2008 |

I’m going to keep this quick: the cloud computing market has changed drastically in the past week. It will be some time before we know what the effects will be, but Microsoft announcing its cloud computing platform and Amazon taking EC2 out of beta (and adding Windows support and an SLA) definitely are game-changers.

Putting Windows in the Cloud

Oct 3, 2008 |

It’s as if we literally cannot go through a week without some breakthough announcements in cloud computing. On Wednesday, that news was that both 3Tera and (drum roll, please) Amazon are bringing Windows support into their cloud offerings. (I know, I know: GoGrid has been offering Windows virtual servers for some time — but Amazon being the cloud poster child and all …)