2022 Winter Classic Finale + Bonus Content!

April 25, 2022

Barnburner. Slugfest. Photo finish. Just a few cliches to let you know what’s coming up as we break down the finish of the 2022 Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition. Twelve teams from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) battled for the Winter Classic championship from early February until the final judging interviews on April 14th. Read more…

OpenFOAM Results Shock Competition

April 13, 2022

When we first lined up AWS to host the final computational event in the 2022 Winter Classic student cluster competition, we figured that by this time in the event that the drama would be over. One team would have pulled ahead and there’d be some distance between teams in the rest of the field. We were dead wrong. Up until the AWS OpenFOAM Challenge... Read more…

2022 Winter Classic – Oak Ridge Results Revealed!

April 1, 2022

The 2022 Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition is turning out to be one of the tightest student cluster competitions ever. This event, which started in early February, pits student teams from twelve Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic Serving Institutions against each other to see which team can run and optimize... Read more…

2022 Winter Classic: Double Episode Fun Pack!

March 24, 2022

The 2022 Winter Classic continues – more than halfway done at this point with the students working away at Oak Ridge and running on their Ascend cluster – which has the same configuration as Summit, but a little smaller. Along with the competition, our increasingly popular Studio Update Show continues as well. We have a lot to get you caught... Read more…

Winter Classic 2022: NASA Results In!

March 18, 2022

NASA hosted and mentored the twelve teams competing in the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition last week and we’re ready to reveal the results. The student teams competed to run and optimize three subsets of the NAS Parallel benchmarks, namely BT-MZ, SP-MZ, and the ever so challenging... Read more…

HPE Shocks Competition – In a Good Way

March 15, 2022

The 2022 Winter Classic Student Cluster Competition is a grueling eight week marathon, combining HPC education and cutthroat competition as student teams optimize real-world HPC benchmarks and apps on mentor provided supercomputers. This competition is unique in that it exclusively features... Read more…

2022 Winter Classic – Meet the Teams

March 7, 2022

Twelve teams from Historically Black and Hispanic universities are taking their first steps into HPC in the 2022 Winter Classic Student Cluster Competition. The Read more…

HPC Pop Quiz Roils Cluster Comp Leaderboard

March 2, 2022

Results from the HPC Pop Quiz module in the 2022 Winter Classic cluster competition had a radical impact on the leaderboard. Quiz grades rocketed a couple of te Read more…

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A New Standard in CAE Solutions for Manufacturing

Today, manufacturers of all sizes face many challenges. Not only do they need to deliver complex products quickly, they must do so with limited resources while continuously innovating and improving product quality. With the use of computer-aided engineering (CAE), engineers can design and test ideas for new products without having to physically build many expensive prototypes. This helps lower costs, enhance productivity, improve quality, and reduce time to market.

As the scale and scope of CAE grows, manufacturers need reliable partners with deep HPC and manufacturing expertise. Together with AMD, HPE provides a comprehensive portfolio of high performance systems and software, high value services, and an outstanding ecosystem of performance optimized CAE applications to help manufacturing customers reduce costs and improve quality, productivity, and time to market.

Read this whitepaper to learn how HPE and AMD set a new standard in CAE solutions for manufacturing and can help your organization optimize performance.

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Porting CUDA Applications to Run on AMD GPUs

A workload-driven system capable of running HPC/AI workloads is more important than ever. Organizations face many challenges when building a system capable of running HPC and AI workloads. There are also many complexities in system design and integration. Building a workload driven solution requires expertise and domain knowledge that organizational staff may not possess.

This paper describes how Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a long-time Intel® partner, developed the Taiwania 2 and Taiwania 3 supercomputers to meet the research needs of the Taiwan’s academic, industrial, and enterprise users. The Taiwan National Center for High-Performance Computing (NCHC) selected QCT for their expertise in building HPC/AI supercomputers and providing worldwide end-to-end support for solutions from system design, through integration, benchmarking and installation for end users and system integrators to ensure customer success.

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