The AI and Cloud Checklist: What to Consider When Moving Performance Workloads to the Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads require processing a massive amount of data, often using expensive, high-end hardware to crunch the data. With trends rapidly evolving toward moving data processing to the cloud, many organizations have begun migrating important workloads, but too often with mixed results. Choices made at the outset have a lasting impact on how these organizations remain agile and competitive; not to mention what limitations they may face as their compute and storage needs scale and their cloud infrastructure ages. Making the right considerations is critical. This paper describes essential factors companies and institutions need to evaluate when selecting a cloud vendor for big data workloads such as AI, IoT, and HPC, including:

This custom white paper covers:

  • Performance and Scalability considerations for IoT, AI and HPC Workloads Running in the Cloud
  • CPU Computation and Burst Scalability
  • Flexibility of Hardware and the Computing Environment
  • and more

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