Unleash the Power of Intel® Optane™ with GigaIO FabreX™ Technology

One big challenge to managing data today is not just its vast, relentless growth — it’s also the fact that data are always on the move, an elusive target that must be processed, organized, analyzed, and stored. Data is rapidly growing and continuously in motion, and traditional data centers can no longer keep up. Intel Optane SSDs represent a breakthrough innovation in the memory/storage hierarchy that dramatically increases throughput to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, reduce latency and deliver excellent responsiveness. But, until the new disaggregated, composable solutions from GigaIO, it was difficult to scale Intel Optane storage beyond one node. It’s in the GigaIO FabreX environment that Intel Optane SSDs can finally be networked and reach their full resource-sharing potential — combining the best of both worlds for a synergistic effect. GigaIO has redefined the possibilities for high-performance storage in composable infrastructure with its FabreX hyper-performance network fabric, coupled with high-throughput Intel Optane storage and persistent memory.

To learn more about each of these technologies, reach out to us directly at info@gigaio.com or on our website here.

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