Vsevolod Opanasenko

HPCwire's People to Watch 2011

Vsevolod Opanasenko

Vsevolod Opanasenko
Founder and CEO
T-Platforms Group

Since taking over as CEO of T-Platforms Group in 2002, Mr. Opanasenko is the first to lead a Russian supercomputing company to global recognition in the HPC industry. As the driving force responsible for T-Platforms entering the European HPC market this year, Opanasenko’s strategy for fueling his company’s high-end hardware and software technology development by forging partnerships with leading research groups and HPC centers is paying off.

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The recent joint venture announcement with the Computing Architecture Group, collaborating in the development and marketing of the EXTOLL (Extreme Low Latency Interconnect) interconnect technology certainly strengthened perception of T-Platforms as a global player in the HPC community. The new EXTOLL system architecture includes advances on the network layer, a network interface controller, and a software layer to enable applications to exploit the EXTOLL hardware and reach higher performance and efficiency.

Opanasenko is also largely responsible for T-Platforms international recognition securing positions on the TOP50 and TOP500 listings of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. He leads the company’s business strategy and operations, and is the key spokesperson for T-Platforms Group. Mr. Opanasenko also serves as Chairman of the Board of T-Platforms Group and its subsidiary companies. Prior to T-Platforms, Mr. Opanasenko served as Director of several leading Russian IT companies.

Mr. Opanasenko graduated from Moscow State Aviation Technological University with a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering.

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