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Whitepapers HPCwire's white paper database contains reports from the leading thought-leaders and idea generators in the HPC industry.

Meeting Today’s Data Center Challenges

Source: Chelsio
Release Date: Oct 13, 2016

Between the demands of the data deluge and hardware advancements in both CPUs and GPUs alike, it’s no surprise that large HPC clusters are seeing rapid growth as a part of today’s Big Data escalation. But with these changes comes a need for a larger data pipe.

Infrastructure Challenges in HPC Storage

Source: DDN
Release Date: Sep 22, 2016

Storage challenges in the data deluge are nothing new, but as we prepare for unprecedented information overload, the demand innovative storage strategies is at an all-time high. From SSDs to parallel file systems, we’re exploring the gamut of leading tools that are moving the space forward and offering a competitive edge.

Advanced Scale Computing – Making the Case

Source: Zoomdata
Release Date: Aug 24, 2016

Today’s leading organizations are dealing with larger data sets, higher volume and disparate data sources, and the need for faster insights. Don’t fall behind to your competitors – discover big data made simple as we make the case for advanced-scale computing.

The Convergence of HPC and Big Data for Enterprise

Source: Bright Computing
Release Date: Jul 14, 2016

The combined power of clustered servers, advanced networking and massive datasets are merging, and a new Big Data reality is on the rise. To leverage all this landscape has to offer, correctly selecting, implementing and managing new technologies is critical, and we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Meeting HPC Challenges in Manufacturing

Source: SGI
Release Date: Jun 21, 2016

Manufacturing is on the upswing, but with more competition than ever, the pressure to trim product lifecycles and increase productivity is greater than ever. But HPC is stepping in to lend a competitive edge.

Cloud Scaling for Big Compute and Big Results

Source: Cycle Computing
Release Date: Mar 8, 2016

Whether your organization is involved in exploring new research frontiers or catering to customer demand, cloud solutions play a critical role in scaling out and staying ahead of our toughest compute problems, and Cycle Computing is helping to lead the charge.

Storage Report: Why Performance and Reliability are Increasingly Driving Storage Decisions

Source: Avere, Cray, DDN, Seagate
Release Date: Jan 21, 2016

Whether they’re supporting business goals or research efforts, tools such as modeling, simulation and analysis are critical to today’s leading organizations. Traditionally, compute performance has been the primary pillar supporting these endeavors, but in the age of big data, storage performance is gaining ground.

MIND THE GAP: Energy availability and the disconnect with data

Source: Verne Global
Release Date: Jan 19, 2016

“Mind the Gap: Energy Availability and the Disconnect with Data” highlights the growing gap between the energy requirements to fuel a data-driven economy and power grid capabilities.

Preparing for the Next Step in Genomic Analysis: Petascale Genomics

Source: SGI & Intel
Release Date: Nov 9, 2015

At the intersection of next-generation sequencing and petascale computing, a new breed of genomic analysis is emerging. We’re taking an in-depth look at leading-edge workflows, goals, infrastructure challenges and solutions that organizations will face as they embrace these new standards.

ChilledDoor by Motivair

Cooling Solutions & Considerations for High Performance Computers

Source: ChilledDoor by Motivair
Release Date: Oct 19, 2015

The recent advances in high performance computing have driven innovations not only in the computer hardware market but also in supporting industries such as high density cooling.  All of the supporting technologies play an important role in the HPC industry and none has received more focus recently than cooling.