2017 Readers’ Choice Awards – Nominations

Nominations for the 2017 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards are open!

These annual awards are a way for our community to recognize the best and brightest innovators within the global HPC community. Now is the time to nominate your picks for the greatest achievements in HPC this year, so don’t wait! Submit your nominees today.

The 2017 Categories Include the Following:

* Best Use of HPC in Life Sciences
* Best Use of HPC in Manufacturing
* Best Use of HPC in Energy
* Best Use of HPC in Automotive
* Best Use of HPC in Financial Services
* Best Use of HPC in Entertainment
* Best Use of HPC in the Cloud (Use Case)
* Best Use of High Performance Data Analytics
* Best Use of AI (Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, etc.)
* Best Application of “Green Computing” in HPC
* Best HPC Server Product or Technology
* Best HPC Storage Product or Technology
* Best HPC Visualization Product or Technology
* Best HPC Interconnect Product or Technology
* Best HPC Programming Tool or Technology
* Best HPC Cluster Solution or Technology (Software)
* Best AI Product or Technology
* Top 5 New Products or Technologies to Watch
* Best HPC Collaboration (Academia/Government/Industry)
* Top Supercomputing Achievement
* Top HPC-Enabled Scientific Achievement
* Top Energy-Efficient HPC Achievement
* Top 5 Vendors to Watch
* Workforce Diversity Leadership Award
* Outstanding Leadership in HPC (Individual)

Nominations are accepted from readers, users, vendors – virtually anyone who is connected to the HPC community and is a reader of HPCwire. Nominations will close on August 27, 2017 at 11:45pm PT.

Make your voice heard! Help tell the story of HPC in 2017 by submitting your nominations for the The HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards now!

Submit Your Nominations


Nominations close on August 27, 2017. All nominations are subject to review by the editors of HPCwire with only the most relevant being accepted. Voting begins early September, 2017. The final presentation of these prestigious and highly anticipated awards to each organization’s leading executives will take place live during SC ’17 in Denver, CO. The finalist(s) in each category who receive the most votes will win this year’s awards. Open to HPCwire readers only. Participation by Tabor Communications employees, its affiliates, extended staff and their families is strictly prohibited.


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