15 Years Later, the Green500 Continues Its Push for Energy Efficiency as a First-Order Concern in HPC

The Green500 list, which ranks the most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world, has virtually always faced an uphill battle. As Wu Feng – custodian of the Green500 list and an associate p

By Oliver Peckham

Pengchen Lab’s MadFS and Intel’s DAOS Shine in Latest IO500

An increasingly watched benchmark is the IO500 which measures storage system performance with an updated IO500 list released twice a year in concert with ISC and SC, usually at BoFs at those even

By John Russell

How HPC is Shaking Up Modeling of Mysterious Earthquakes

Earth modeling is extraordinarily complex – and when the earth quakes, it’s no different. The mechanisms of many earthquakes consistently flummox seismologists, making it difficult to underst

By Oliver Peckham

Pawsey Prepares for the Data Deluge from the Square Kilometre Array

As the largest-ever radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will be a behemoth. As the name implies, the instruments of the massive radio telescope will span well over one square kilome

By Oliver Peckham

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ISC21 Cluster Competition: Meet The Teams

July 5, 2021

The HPC Advisory Council and ISC jointly held their 10th annual Student Cluster Competition in a stylish virtual form factor over the past couple of months. T Read more…

ISC 2021’s Student Cluster Competition Winners Announced

July 2, 2021

Last year, there was an enormous upheaval: the Student Cluster Competition, which involves teams of students building computer clusters on the show floors of ISC and SC conferences, had to scramble to figure out a way to go virtual for ISC 2020. This year, at ISC 2021, it seemed almost second nature, with the conference even managing to pull a second remote... Read more…

DDN Announces EXAScaler 6, Insight 4.0, and Expanded Channel Services

July 1, 2021

Storage supplier DDN today made several announcements across its product line. Foremost was introduction of EXAScaler 6, the latest version of its Lustre-based Read more…

ISC 2021 Keynote: Thomas Sterling on Urgent Computing, Big Machines, China Speculation

July 1, 2021

In a somewhat shortened version of his annual ISC keynote surveying the HPC landscape Thomas Sterling, lauded the community’s effort in bringing HPC to bear in the fight against the pandemic, welcomed the start of the exascale – if not yet exaflops – era with quick tour of some big machines, speculated a little on what China may be planning, and paid tribute to new and ongoing efforts to bring fresh talent into HPC. Sterling is a longtime HPC leader... Read more…

ISC 2021 Reveals Winners of Research Awards

June 30, 2021

Each year, the ISC High Performance Conference bestows a number of prestigious awards that recognize research excellence in high performance computing. Although Read more…

Latest MLPerf Results: Nvidia Shines but Intel, Graphcore, Google Increase Their Presence

June 30, 2021

While Nvidia (again) dominated the latest round of MLPerf training benchmark results, the range of participants expanded. Notably, Google’s forthcoming TPU v4 Read more…

ISC21 Keynote: HPC-Powered Radar Tomography for Sustainable, Equitable Cities

June 29, 2021

ISC High Performance 2021 kicked off yesterday with a keynote from Dr. Xiaoxiang Zhu, a professor of data science and Earth observation at the Technical University of Munich. The conference, held virtually for the second time due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, featured a surprisingly COVID-light agenda... Read more…

ISC Keynote: Why Quantum Computing Matters and the Race for Practical Uses

June 29, 2021

Matthias Troyer, who leads Microsoft’s quantum computing research, is on a mission, actually two missions. One is to develop practical applications for quantum computing. The other, also important, is to convince the HPC community that efforts to develop quantum computing – so frequently overhyped and off-putting... Read more…

The (Resilient) HPC Market Writ Large in 100-plus Slides by Hyperion

June 28, 2021

Hyperion Research delivered its annual ISC 2021 HPC market update and this year’s version comprised a 100-plus slide survey of the landscape presented by six Read more…

Amid a Canceled Tender, More Details of MareNostrum 5 (Finally) Emerge

June 28, 2021

Last October, the executive director of the EuroHPC JU – Anders Dam Jensen – said that with respect to MareNostrum 5 (the final pre-exascale EuroHPC system), “the tendering process was in its very final phase” and that “there would be announcements on that in the coming weeks.” Eight months later, the system’s status is still set to “it’s complicated.” Now, thanks to a brief presentation from... Read more…

Intel Announces Sapphire Rapids with HBM, Reveals Ponte Vecchio Form Factors

June 28, 2021

From the ISC 2021 Digital event, Intel announced it will offer Sapphire Rapids with integrated HBM, detailed new Xe-HPC GPU form factors, and introduced commercial support for DAOS (distributed application object storage). Intel also announced a new Ethernet solution, aimed at smaller-scale HPC. With integrated High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), the forthcoming Intel Xeon Scalable processors... Read more…

Top500: Fugaku Still on Top; Perlmutter Debuts at #5

June 28, 2021

The 57th Top500, revealed today from the ISC 2021 digital event, showcases many of the same systems as the previous edition, with Fugaku holding its significant lead and only one new entrant in the top 10 cohort: the Perlmutter system at the DOE Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory enters the list at number five with 65.69 Linpack petaflops. Perlmutter is the largest... Read more…

Dell Launches Omnia Software; Expands HPC-on-demand, Server GPU Options at ISC21

June 28, 2021

Dell Technologies today announced three expanded offerings in conjunction with the start of the ISC21 digital conference. The centerpiece is Omnia, new software Read more…

ISC21 Preview: EPI Chair Jean-Marc Denis Shares Vision for Future Supercomputers

June 24, 2021

In this video interview with HPCwire's Managing Editor Tiffany Trader, Jean-Marc Denis, European Processor Initiative (EPI) chair of the board and head of strategy at Atos, details ongoing EPI activities and covers themes from his upcoming ISC 2021 featured talk, titled "Future Supercomputers are game changers for processor architecture. Why?" Read more…

Intersect360 Report: HPC Market Rebounding and on Track to Reach $60B in 2025

June 23, 2021

Despite the turmoil and uncertainty spurred by the pandemic, the broad HPC market finished 2020 at $38.9 billion in revenue, down just 0.2 percent from 2019. What’s more, HPC has returned to its growth track and is projected to reach $60 billion in 2025. While several HPC sectors slowed, surging government spending to fight the pandemic and ongoing... Read more…

Catching up with ISC 2021 Digital Program Chair Martin Schulz

June 16, 2021

Leibniz Research Centre (LRZ)’s content creator Susanne Vieser interviews ISC 2021 Digital Program Chair, Prof. Martin Schulz to gain an understanding of his ISC affiliation, which is outside his usual scope of work at the research center and the Technical University of Munich. Read more…

ISC Keynote: Glimpse into Microsoft’s View of the Quantum Computing Landscape

June 15, 2021

Looking for a dose of reality and realistic optimism about quantum computing? Matthias Troyer, Microsoft distinguished scientist, plans to do just that in his ISC2021 keynote in two weeks – Quantum Computing: From Academic Research to Real-world Applications. He notes wryly that classical... Read more…

ISC21 Keynoter Xiaoxiang Zhu to Deliver a Bird’s-Eye View of a Changing World

June 10, 2021

ISC High Performance 2021 – once again virtual due to the ongoing pandemic – is swiftly approaching. In contrast to last year’s conference, which canceled Read more…

ISC21 Cluster Competition: Clash of Champions

June 1, 2021

The opening ceremony for the ISC21 Student Cluster Competition reveals slate of competitors that includes an astounding seven current or former Overall Champi Read more…

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Off the Wire from ISC21

XSEDE Garners Multiple 2021 HPCwire Editors’ Choice Awards - (11/18/2021)

HPC-AI Advisory Council, ISC Group Announce Winners of 10th Annual ISC Student Cluster Competition - (07/12/2021)

Slovenian HPC Vega Supercomputer, First Operational EuroHPC System, on Top 500 - (07/06/2021)

Inspur’s Liquid Cooling HPC Brings Fast Deployment, High Performance to Scientific Research - (07/06/2021)

4 RSC Storage Systems Represent Russia in Global IO500 Rating - (07/06/2021)

IBM Leadership Changes: Jim Whitehurst Stepping Down - (07/02/2021)

SiFive Collaborates with Imperas on Models of SiFive’s RISC-V Core IP Portfolio - (07/02/2021)

PRACE Presents Summer of HPC 2020 Awards During Online Ceremony - (07/02/2021)

ALCC Program Awards ALCF Computing Time to 16 Projects - (07/02/2021)

HPE Tapped to Double the Performance of NeSI Mahuika Cluster in New Zealand - (07/01/2021)

DDN Introduces EXAScaler 6 and Expanded Portfolio for Enterprise Intelligent Infrastructure - (07/01/2021)

EBRAINS Selected for ESFRI Roadmap of European Research Infrastructures - (07/01/2021)

New Research Division at Paul Scherrer Institute Points to the Future of Scientific Computing, Data - (07/01/2021)

JUWELS Booster Remains Europe’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, According to New Top500 List - (06/30/2021)

NETL Supercomputer Joule 2.0 Among Most Powerful in Nation - (06/30/2021)

Karolina Named EU’s 19th Most Powerful Supercomputer, 70th Globally - (06/30/2021)

Canadian Weather Forecasts to Run on NVIDIA-Powered System - (06/30/2021)

Perlmutter Debuts in the Top 5 of the Top500 - (06/30/2021)

BSC Releases OmpSs-2 Programming Model Version 2021.06 - (06/30/2021)

KIT Supercomputer Among the 15 Fastest in Europe - (06/29/2021)

UF Supercomputer No. 1 in US for Energy Efficiency; No. 2 in US; No. 3 Worldwide in Higher Ed - (06/29/2021)

MeluXina Named EU’s Greenest Supercomputer - (06/29/2021)

Berkeley Lab’s Lin Lin Honored with Simons Foundation Award - (06/29/2021)

Rigetti Computing Introduces Scalable Multi-Chip Quantum Processor - (06/29/2021)

Cisco UCS Server Sets 14 Performance Record Benchmarks - (06/29/2021)

Ayar Labs Announces UK Subsidiary, Adds Industry Veterans to Executive Team - (06/29/2021)

Benchmarking Summit Supercomputer’s Mixed-Precision Performance - (06/29/2021)

BSC Releases COMPSs Programming Framework Version 2.9 - (06/29/2021)

WekaIO Announces Support of NVIDIA’s Turbocharged HGX AI Supercomputing Platform - (06/29/2021)

Atos Announces 10 New Supercomputer Entries in the TOP500 Listing - (06/29/2021)

RSC Group, Cornelis Networks Partner to Expand in Russian HPC Market - (06/29/2021)

Descartes Labs Achieves #41 in TOP500 with Cloud-Based Supercomputing Powered by AWS - (06/28/2021)

NVIDIA, Partners Extending Arm Ecosystem from Exascale to the Edge - (06/28/2021)

Inspur Releases Liquid Cooled AI Server with NVIDIA A100 GPUs at ISC 2021 - (06/28/2021)

NVIDIA, Global Partners Launch New HGX A100 Systems for HPC, Industrial AI - (06/28/2021)

Cornelis Networks Announces Upcoming Release of Omni-Path Express HPC Interconnect - (06/28/2021)

GIGABYTE Announces Support for New NVIDIA Technology - (06/28/2021)

Atos Launches ‘ThinkAI’ to Power High Performance AI Applications - (06/28/2021)

Japan’s Fugaku Retains Title as World’s Fastest Supercomputer for 3 Consecutive Terms - (06/28/2021)

Dell Technologies Drives Convergence of HPC, AI, Data Analytics with Omnia Open Source Software - (06/28/2021)

Supermicro Boosts HPC, AI Performance with Servers Featuring New NVIDIA A100 80GB PCIe GPUs - (06/28/2021)

AMD Leads High Performance Computing Towards Exascale and Beyond - (06/28/2021)

At SC21, Making the Right Connections to Close Gender Gap - (06/25/2021)

Arm Details ISC21 Activities (June 24-July 2) - (06/21/2021)

Join NVIDIA at ISC21 - (06/18/2021)

Intel ISC21 Keynote Address: ‘Accelerating the Possibilities with HPC’ - (06/18/2021)

HLRS to Present at Upcoming ISC21 Digital June 24-July 2 - (06/10/2021)

Hyperion Research Opens Registration for HPC Market Update During ISC21 - (06/04/2021)

Join LLNL at Virtual ISC High Performance Conference June 24-July 2 - (06/04/2021)

GCS Supports Heidelberg University Team in ISC21 Student Cluster Competition - (05/18/2021)

ISC High Performance 2021 Keynotes Announced - (03/25/2021)


Why IT Must Have an Influential Role in Strategic Decisions About Sustainability

In this era, expansion in digital infrastructure capacity is inevitable. Parallel to this, climate change consciousness is also rising, making sustainability a mandatory part of the organization’s functioning. As computing workloads such as AI and HPC continue to surge, so does the energy consumption, posing environmental woes. IT departments within organizations have a crucial role in combating this challenge. They can significantly drive sustainable practices by influencing newer technologies and process adoption that aid in mitigating the effects of climate change.

While buying more sustainable IT solutions is an option, partnering with IT solutions providers, such and Lenovo and Intel, who are committed to sustainability and aiding customers in executing sustainability strategies is likely to be more impactful.

Learn how Lenovo and Intel, through their partnership, are strongly positioned to address this need with their innovations driving energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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How Direct Liquid Cooling Improves Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data centers are experiencing increasing power consumption, space constraints and cooling demands due to the unprecedented computing power required by today’s chips and servers. HVAC cooling systems consume approximately 40% of a data center’s electricity. These systems traditionally use air conditioning, air handling and fans to cool the data center facility and IT equipment, ultimately resulting in high energy consumption and high carbon emissions. Data centers are moving to direct liquid cooled (DLC) systems to improve cooling efficiency thus lowering their PUE, operating expenses (OPEX) and carbon footprint.

This paper describes how CoolIT Systems (CoolIT) meets the need for improved energy efficiency in data centers and includes case studies that show how CoolIT’s DLC solutions improve energy efficiency, increase rack density, lower OPEX, and enable sustainability programs. CoolIT is the global market and innovation leader in scalable DLC solutions for the world’s most demanding computing environments. CoolIT’s end-to-end solutions meet the rising demand in cooling and the rising demand for energy efficiency.

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