2023 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting is Open!

Welcome to the 2023 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards page!

Each year the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award winners are determined by our HPC reader community. These awards recognize the most outstanding individuals, organizations, products, and technologies in the industry. Thank you for taking the time to to support the best and brightest in their quests to be acknowledged for their efforts.

Remember, HPCwire readers who vote during the elections decide who will win. It’s an honor for us to present these awards and we can’t do it without your active participation. We truly value your input!

Polls closed on October 1, 2023. The finalist(s) in each category who receive the most votes will win this year’s awards. Open to HPCwire readers only. Participation by Tabor Communications employees, its affiliates, extended staff and their families is strictly prohibited.

To avoid ballot stuffing and for your entry to be valid, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • For validation purposes, only HPCwire newsletter subscribers are eligible for participation (Please use the form to the right to automatically subscribe and validate your ballot).
  • If you vote for your own organization your vote will not be counted. We encourage all nominees to cast a ballot, and nominees are encouraged to invite their customers and peers to vote for them, but we respectfully ask that you abstain from voting for yourself or for your own organization.
  • Readers are not required to vote for every category.
  • Contact fields ARE MANDATORY FIELDS so that we may prevent ballot-box stuffing. All contact information is kept strictly confidential.
  • Incomplete or false information will invalidate your ballot.
  • Rules apply to the 2023 awards only and are subject to change.
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