June 28, 2010

Majority of Airlines Expect Infrastructure Virtualization by 2013

Nicole Hemsoth

Virtualisation is growing in popularity in the airline industry--40 percent of airlines questioned said they have already virtualized some of their infrastructure, while 85 percent plan to do so by 2013.

There are some sectors of the economy that have seen massive drops in IT budgets with an associated increase in demand for compute power to handle critical business operations–and the airline industry falls into both categories. While a study of the air travel industry estimates that currently around 40 percent of airlines have adopted a virtualized infrastructure and 5 percent plan to do so in the next few years, there is an important caveat–IT managers are considering this in the IaaS context; they want to work within a private cloud versus extending any of their information out to the public cloud.

Full story at Silicon.com

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