July 6, 2010

Eli Lilly Leverages Cloud for Clinical Data Analysis

Nicole Hemsoth

Although the going rate for a commodity server might be going down a little these days, if it’s 25 that you’re looking to buy, chances are you’ve at least glanced at the possibility of outsourcing to the cloud. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly did just this to handle one case of drug development data analysis, according to Accenture as quoted in Forbes magazine. Eli Lilly’s public statement about using the cloud to handle certain applications is good news for other pharma companies looking to do the same since this is one area where widespread adoption has been slow to catch on, in part because of compliance and security concerns (look to Bruce Maches for more on that topic). This is an important piece of news as well because when pharma has used the cloud, it’s more often for the purposes of drug discovery, not clinical research.

Full story at FierceBiotechIT

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