March 24, 2014

Eurotech Announces Availability of G-Station

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 24 — Eurotech, a leading provider of embedded and supercomputing technologies, will be present at the 2014 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose (CA), announcing the market availability of their new G-Station, the liquid cooled departmental HPC system.

In order to meet the growing demand for smaller HPC systems that cater to SMEs and departmental-size computational needs — as a way to bridge the gap between a $1000 workstation and a $10 million data center — Eurotech designed the Aurora G-Station, powered by NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators, and the Aurora Cube, the CPU-only version.

The G-Station and the Cube are full HPC systems that combine computation, management, storage functionality as well as liquid cooling infrastructure that guarantees compactness and absence of noise. Architecturally, they group together direct liquid cooled blades, an Infiniband switch, a monitoring unit, a front node and an Ethernet switch, plus an optional storage unit. In other words, the G-Station is a full-fledged HPC system. Depending on customer requirements, Eurotech can provide operating system and middleware software (cluster manager, resource manager, MPI libraries…) to make the Aurora HPC application ready.

The Eurotech idea behind the G-Station is to make available full supercomputer functionality in a compact box that, thanks to water cooling, makes little or no noise and doesn’t need air conditioning or a controlled environment. This makes it possible to deploy a G-Station under an office desk and, leveraging remote visualization, to provide effective departmental workstations replacement and installation of private clouds.

Apart from being silent and saving space, the G-Station saves energy, since it spares air conditioning and is designed according to the Aurora Tigon architecture, one of the most energy- efficient HPC architectures in the world.

The Eurotech G-Station and Cube are marketed in two versions, with identical IT features but different water cooling solutions.

One version is split, with the computational unit in a cube that fits under a table and the cooling unit in a separate unit that can be accommodated outside the building, with the same technical complexity and plumbing requirements of a home split air conditioner.

The split version fully captures the Aurora advantages like silence, absence of vibrations, no air flow, limited heat and high energy efficiency.

The Auroras will be marketed, through a list of accredited VARs and system integrators, in different configurations, from a full-fledged starting one that comes at a list price of 60,000$ to a top configuration that offers 26 TFlop/s of “under the desk” accelerated performance sold for less than 220,000$. All G-Station and Cube versions come with the Aurora Direct Hot Water Cooling, front node, switches, monitoring, cables, cabinet, enclosures and Linux operating system included in the price.

About Eurotech

Eurotech is a global company based in Italy and with subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia. The Eurotech Group develops and markets miniaturized computers for special uses (NanoPCs) and computers featuring high computing capacity (HPCs – High Performance Computers). With these two product categories Eurotech aims to become a leader in the implementation of the pervasive computing scenario which, by exploiting the Cloud IT infrastructure, is capable of enabling an entire range of value-added activities and services in the transport, logistics, security, industrial and medical sectors. Learn more about Eurotech at


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