July 23, 2014

IEEE Cluster 2014 PhD Student Mentoring Program Issues Call for Applications

July 23 — The Cluster conference has decided to launch a specific Mentoring Program for PhD students, as a service to the whole scientific community.

The goal of this Program is to help the PhD students attending the Cluster conference to build a better scientific career. A group of events specifically targeted to this Program will take place throughout the conference, including a Master Class on poster design and presentation, a public poster session with the participants’ posters, various panels with senior researchers on career planning, industry research careers, etc. In addition, the Cluster conference will organize a series of courses on selected hot topics to introduce the PhD students with the new and important research areas relevant to the conference theme.

The PhD Student Mentoring Program will be scheduled so that the participating students can follow all the main scientific and social events of the conference. It is of course open to all PhD students, including the authors of papers presented at the conference.

Applying to the Mentoring Program 

All interested PhD students can apply through a simple, non-competitive procedure, by providing a 2-page description of their person vision for their career: where they come from, what they are interested in, what their career objective is, and most importantly, what their research vision is. For example, PhD students might wish to describe their PhD proposal and explain why it is interesting. Student’s applications should be endorsed by their respective advisers.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis according to the following schedule:

Application submission date (by 6pm GMT+2)  Notification date
Thursday, July 24  MondayJuly 28
ThursdayJuly 31  MondayAugust 4
ThursdayAugust 14  MondayAugust 18
ThursdayAugust 28  MondaySeptember 1

Note that a special registration package called « Bring a student with you! » (IEEE Member + Student IEEE Member) is being proposed, in order to encourage the participation of students.

For further information, please visit : http://www.cluster2014.org/index.php/students/student-mentoring-program

Source: IEEE

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