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Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Says Cloud Will Cause ‘Horrible Problems’

Aug 10, 2012 |

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expresses concern over the loss of control associated with cloud services.

Apple Datacenter Blooms Green Energy

May 22, 2012 |

Company looks to renewable energy to power its computing infrastructure.

Apple’s Cloud on the Clouds

Sep 6, 2011 |

News surfaced recently that Apple’s vast iCloud will float using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure clouds.

Apple’s iPad Gets a Linpack Workout

May 10, 2011 |

Tablet delivers 1990s-era TOP500 performance.

Centering Corporate Cloud Control

May 2, 2011 |

As clouds become pervasive questions are emerging about who controls the merger of hardware, software and content sources. 

The Tech Sector Trumpets Signs of a Real Rebound

Oct 17, 2009 |

A technology led recovery?

Compilers and More: OpenCL Promises and Potential

Sep 10, 2009 |

OpenCL was introduced with great fanfare and promise. Given all the hype, what can we expect from OpenCL? Is it really simple? Is it portable? Will it replace other parallel programming models? Michael Wolfe addresses these questions and more.