September 9, 2010

EU Funds Large-Scale Project to Build Cloud Research Center

Nicole Hemsoth

BonFIRE is a 8.5 million-Euro project funded by the EU under the Future Internet Experimental Facility and Research area “aimed at designing, building and operating a multi-cloud facility to support applications, services and systems research targeting the Internet of Services community within the Future Internet.”

The cloud computing research project will bring together a group of some of the world’s leading academic and industry organizations to make the plans for a cloud research facility a reality with the assistance of analysts from the 451 Group donating their time and expertise.

BonFIRE will operate a cloud facility based on an IaaS model and will take what Ignacio M. Llorente of OpenNebula describes as a “federated multi-platform approach providing interconnection and interoperation between novel service and networking testbeds.” This platform will allow for tools and services research involving “cloud federation, virtual machine management, service modeling, service lifecycle management, service level agreements, and quality of service monitoring and analytics.”

As Llorente noted, “OpenNebula will provide the EU project with a powerful technology to build IaaS clouds supporting the cloud management functionality, the integration capabilities and the scalability and reliability to run large-scale experiments for future internet research.”

Full story at OpenNebula

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