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Optimally Applying Flash Storage

Oct 24, 2016 |

As flash adoption continues to rise, more refined best practices are emerging to show where,  on a case-by-case basis, flash can have the most impact and deliver the highest returns.  Depending on a workload’s characteristics, flash can be selectively applied in different storage tiers as a cost-effective means of boosting the performance of critical applications. Read more…

Nimbus Revs Up Flash Storage Offering

Aug 2, 2011 |

Nimbus Data Systems has unveiled its second-generations flash storage system, promising three times the performance and expanded networking options The new S-Class systems will be offered at the same $10,000/TB price as the first-generation product, which was introduced last April. Since then the company has sold dozens of systems, including a 100 TB deployment at eBay.

Storage at Exascale: Some Thoughts from Panasas CTO Garth Gibson

May 25, 2011 |

Exascale computing is not just about FLOPS. It will also require a new breed of external storage capable of feeding these exaflop beasts. Panasas co-founder and chief technology officer Garth Gibson has some ideas on how this can be accomplished and we asked him to expound on the topic in some detail.

No Flash in the Pan

Feb 3, 2010 |

In 2009, a number of early adopters in HPC got behind flash storage.

High Performance Storage Getting More Flashy

Oct 14, 2009 |

Solid state storage gets its second wind.

How Flash is Changing Storage

Jan 26, 2009 |

Flash-based solid-state memory quickly is becoming part of the enterprise’s storage arsenal, and for good reason.