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DDN Claims Bragging Rights (Again) in TOP500 Share

Jun 29, 2016 |

Once again, storage system supplier DataDirect Networks has the top market share – roughly 70 percent – in the TOP500, said the company today. This is the eighth consecutive year DDN has been the top storage system supplier to the Top500, according to Molly Rector, DDN CMO. Storage is the fast growing segment of the Read more…

HPC Leadership Computing Trusts DDN

Jun 13, 2016 |

As we approach an Exascale future, the focus is on how to provision and use that computational capability. In order to realize the full societal impact of Exascale computing, storage systems to support Exascale supercomputers are equally important else those valuable (and expensive) compute cycles will be wasted during IO operations. Thought leadership in the Read more…

The Makings of a True “Market Leader”

Feb 15, 2016 |

Seagate has solidified its position as the #1 choice of high performance storage solutions for new supercomputers. Quite an accomplishment in only four years. With the release of the latest Top500® list of the world’s fastest supercomputers there were four new entrants into the Top 10 and of those four, Seagate Storage powers them all. Read more…

HPC Storage Evolution Ramps Up

Jul 13, 2015 |

With Seagate’s announcement that it will be integrating IBM® Spectrum Scale® software with its award winning¹ ClusterStor high performance parallel storage system, the evolution of HPC and enterprise storage just took another leap forward. IBM Spectrum Scale, formerly known as IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS), is a proven, scalable file and object management solution Read more…

How to Achieve Collaboration and Security in Today’s World

Jun 1, 2015 |

When sharing mission-critical information across storage data networks, enforcing security policies can be surprisingly complex and fall short of the ideal enforcement scenario. The use of an Intelligence Community standards-compliant data storage platform to manage secure access empowers the security administrator to enforce security mission requirements. Managing sensitive information has become a top priority. For Read more…

Want to Boost HPC Performance? Adding Disks is Not the Answer

Oct 20, 2014 |

These days storage is in the HPC spotlight. How well an HPC application performs relies not only on total system memory bandwidth and sustained floating point operations per second, but also on a storage architecture that supports sufficient throughput to handle constantly increasing amounts of data. The key to storage performance is not capacity – Read more…

High Performance Storage Solutions for High Performance Computing

Sep 29, 2014 |

With its recent acquisition of Xyratex and EVault, Seagate brings decades of experience as a storage solutions leader to bear on the fast growing field of high performance computing (HPC). The company has created an Intelligent Information Infrastructure system to help organizations involved with HPC manage today’s massive growth of digital data and cope with Read more…

HPC Storage Enters a New Era

Jun 2, 2014 |

Until relatively recently, HPC storage systems have been almost an afterthought, a grab bag mix of components jury rigged together to support the star of the show – a supercomputer or a large compute cluster. A typical legacy HPC storage solution was made up of commercially available RAID arrays, network filers, or direct attached disks. Read more…

The Move is On to Site-Wide File Systems

Sep 16, 2013 |

For the past few decades, the norm among the large government labs, academic research facilities and top commercial sites has been to deploy one large system per site at a time. However, more recently growing diversity of applications and end user community requirements, combined with non-overlapping budget and expanding technology lifecycles, has been driving a multi-cluster environment approach.

HPC Storage – Deliver Solutions Faster to Market in Today’s Economy

Jun 17, 2013 |

Being competitive in today’s economy means companies need to accelerate the time it takes to go from concepts to profitable products and services. There is no shortage of new services, novel methods and innovations to help solve the problems we face; yet, to affect real change, faster market solutions need to be pragmatic and affordable.