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Migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Jun 27, 2010 |

Migrating legacy applications to the cloud is not something to be done lightly. It takes a real understanding of your existing systems, a disciplined process for the migration itself, and the ability to secure both data and access to these systems once they are migrated.

Facilitating Drug R&D by Collaborating in the Cloud

Jun 7, 2010 |

Given the costs and high level of risk it is common for life science companies to work jointly on research efforts. Cloud-based tools are already making this possible while still adhering to the numerous compliance and security requirements from the FDA.

The Way Forward for R&D Applications in the Life Sciences

May 27, 2010 |

Most big pharma IT departments have extensive application portfolios that range into the hundreds of systems. Many of these have overlapping functionality and use a variety of different platforms and technologies. This tower of Babel is caused by a number of different factors

The Possibilities of Cloud in the Life Sciences Industry

Apr 20, 2010 |

In the life sciences industry, the cloud reduces IT complexity and cost while allowing R&D organizations to focus on the ‘what’ of the R&D process in stead of the ‘how’.

Intel Cancels 2010 Larrabee Debut

Dec 7, 2009 |

While Intel prides itself on maintaining a breakneck speed for processor development, the company’s Larrabee GPU effort just couldn’t keep pace with graphics technology development at NVIDIA and AMD. Intel revealed late last Friday that the company would not be delivering a Larrabee-based discrete graphics product next year, and has instead decided to use the work as the basis for a software development platform.

Obama Pushes Science Agenda

Apr 30, 2009 |

After eight years in the wilderness, the R&D community finally has an advocate in the White House.

Obama to Boost Federal R&D Spending

Apr 27, 2009 |

Google, Microsoft execs named to science and technology advisory board.

New Administration, Congress Aim to Boost Federal R&D

Jan 21, 2009 |

With U.S. businesses in full retreat, the new Obama administration and Congress are committed to injecting an enormous stimulus of federal money into the economy. At least some of this seems destined to end up as increased spending on science and technology R&D, and by extension, high performance computing.