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Making Big Ones Out of Small Ones: RNA networks

Jan 12, 2010 |

Company offers way to make large-memory x86 machines.

From Ct to InfiniBand, The Inside Scoop from SC09

Jan 6, 2010 |

More videos from HPC’s premier event of 2009.

Two Storage Trends From SuperComputing 2009

Dec 2, 2009 |

Small vendors, flash memory on the rise.

IBM Shows Off Power7 HPC monster

Nov 27, 2009 |

Big Blue unveils “Blue Waters” server node.

SC09 Roundup

Nov 25, 2009 |

Before SC09 recedes too far in the rear-view mirror, it’s probably worth recapping some of the news connected to the big trends that emerged at the conference.

Vendors to Watch

Nov 23, 2009 |

The SC09 exhibitors are gone, but not forgotten.

Ubiquitous Parallelism and the Classroom

Nov 20, 2009 |

The oft-contended best simple statement is that we need ubiquitous parallelism in the classroom. In the near future, most electronic devices will have multiple cores which would benefit greatly from parallel programming. The low hanging fruit is, of course, the student’s laptop, and aiding the student to make full use of that laptop.

Exascale Expectations

Nov 20, 2009 |

Supercomputer performance has grown at a fairly constant rate of a 1,000-fold increase per decade. Will the sprint to exascale be able to hold that pace?

Reconfigurable Computing Research Pushes Forward

Nov 20, 2009 |

Despite all the all the recent hoopla about GPGPUs and eight-core CPUs, proponents of reconfigurable computing continue to sing the praises of FPGA-based HPC. We got the opportunity to ask Dr. Alan George, who runs the NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing, about the work going on there and what he thinks the technology can offer to high performance computing users.

Jaguar Scales TOP500

Nov 19, 2009 |

AMD’s John Fruehe and ORNL’s Buddy Bland talk about the significance of Jaguar capturing the top spot in the supercomputing world and what that means for the most demanding science applications.