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Students Get a Taste of Supercomputing at TeraGrid Conference

Aug 12, 2010 |

It wasn’t hard to spot the students who took part in the TeraGrid ’10 conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., last week. All you had to do was look for the yellow shirts. More than 100 students took part in the event — graduate students, undergrads, and high schoolers. This is our second in a series of articles covering the TeraGrid conference.

TeraGrid 2010 Keynote: The Physics of Black Holes with Cactus

Aug 11, 2010 |

TeraGrid ’10, the fourth annual conference of the TeraGrid, took place last week in Pittsburgh, Pa. HPCwire will be running a series of articles highlighting the conference. The first in the series covers Gabrielle Allen’s keynote talk on Cactus, an open, collaborative software framework for numerical relativity.

The Grid is for the Birds

Aug 10, 2010 |

Supercomputers are being put to work for the sake of ornithologists and ecological researchers due to a new investment from the NSF toward a goal to create an animated map of global bird activity via the eBird project.

Computing Expansion

Jul 19, 2010 |

University at Buffalo supercomputer slated for major upgrade.

HubZero and Cloud Forecasting at Purdue University

Apr 20, 2010 |

While initial intent for the visit was to learn more about the HUBzero project, it naturally led to a series of questions that were related to the grid to cloud transition and how this is happening at similarly-sized universities who are not recognized as supercomputing superheroes.

Dash Heralds New Form of Supercomputing

Oct 28, 2009 |

For new SDSC super, it’s all about the IOPS.

TeraGrid ’09: Student Participation Soars

Jul 8, 2009 |

There was a new energy at this year’s TeraGrid ’09 conference thanks to an outstanding turnout for the student program. Thanks to support from the National Science Foundation, more than 100 high school, undergraduate and graduate students were able to participate in the conference.

TeraGrid ’09: Thriving in an Exponentially Changing World

Jul 6, 2009 |

Before he even took the podium, Ed Seidel was one of the buzz makers at the TeraGrid ’09 conference. The day before his keynote, it was announced that he was stepping in as acting assistant director of the National Science Foundation’s math and physical sciences directorate. For his talk at the conference, however, Seidel focused on the issues and efforts within his home at NSF, the Office of Cyberinfrastructure.

TeraGrid ’09: OSG and TeraGrid Collaboration

Jul 6, 2009 |

Paul Avery, a recognized leader in advanced grid and networking for science, delivered the first keynote address at the recent TeraGrid ’09 conference in Arlington, Virginia. A professor of physics at the University of Florida, Avery is co-principal investigator and founding member of the Open Science Grid (OSG). Avery talked about the history of OSG, some of the projects that leverage its resources, and OSG’s relationship with TeraGrid.

TeraGrid ’09: How HPC and Therapeutic Drug Design Have Grown Up Together

Jul 6, 2009 |

When it comes to a take-home from Tom Cheatham’s keynote speech at the TeraGrid ’09 conference in Arlington, Va., the subtitle says it all: “Chronicling the growth of a student to tenured professor in the NSF supercomputing center microcosm.” In his talk, he acknowledged how his career has tracked the evolution of the NSF centers, now TeraGrid, and would not have been possible without it.