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A Trio of HPC Offerings Unveiled at ISC

Jul 1, 2009 |

Last week’s International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’09) was a convenient excuse for vendors to announce a raft of new products, but three, in particular, stood out.

Heterogeneous Processing: Trite or Trend?

Jun 24, 2009 |

Heterogeneous processing or co-processing on chips other than the CPU is the most recent trend in HPC. To some extent there has always been a small fringe element pursuing this direction, but in the past few years, there has been a rich diversity of efforts and support from major HPC vendors.

Welcome to Year 1 AP

Jun 23, 2009 |

HPC guru Thomas Sterling has labeled 2009 as “Year 1 AP — After Petaflops.” HPCwire got the opportunity to ask Thomas to expand on that theme and talk about where high performance computing is headed next.

Julich Supercomputing Center Keeps Germany on the Cutting Edge of HPC

Jun 22, 2009 |

Thomas Lippert, director of the Jülich Supercomputing Center in Germany, is speaking at this year’s International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg about his experiences with the exotic systems that lead the TOP500 list of the HPC community’s preeminent supercomputers, and the scientific breakthroughs that they enable. We caught up with Dr. Lippert by email before the conference to get a sneak peak at his thoughts on working at the extremes of computation.

An Interview with ISC’09 Keynote Speaker Andy von Bechtolsheim

Jun 21, 2009 |

When 1,500 leading members of the world’s high performance computing community convene June 23-26 at the 2009 International Supercomputing Conference, The opening keynote address will be presented by Andreas “Andy” von Bechtolsheim, the legendary co-founder of Sun Microsystems and founder and Chief Development Officer of Arista Networks. Von Bechtolsheim will discuss “The Evolution of Interconnects for High Performance Computing.”

HPC Globalization Fuels ISC Growth

Jun 19, 2009 |

This year’s International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’09) in Hamburg, Germany, promises to offer some respite from the gloomy news affecting the HPC community in these tough economic times.

Bigger and Better, International Supercomputing Conference Moves to Hamburg

Mar 25, 2009 |

The 24th International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) convenes June 23-26 in the Congress Center Hamburg, and organizers are expecting more than 1,500 participants and about 120 exhibitors from around the world. As final preparations are being made, Prof. Hans Meuer took a break from his duties as general conference chair to discuss the event’s new venue in Hamburg as well as this year’s highlights.